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CinchSeal and RJP LTD

In 2007 - RJPLTD was consulted to quote for a shaft sealing solution for a Bakery horizontal mixer. The client had experienced issues with the OEM fitted seals which was causing inconsistancy in the finished product due to leakage. We trawled Europe and North America looking for a sealing solution that could be confidently retro-fitted to a 6" Diameter shaft. Only CinchSeal fitted the bill! The simplicity of operation, Food agency accreditations, ability to accommodate for fluctuating temperatures, shaft run out and even damage to the sealing surface of the shaft all contributed to the decision. Since 2007 - RJPLTD has become the UK distributor for CinchSeal and has successfully implemented the CinchSeal system to many applications.

The Goal

All CinchSeal's are designed to provide customers with an hygienic answer to leakage problems on rotary shafts - across many industry's

USDA/FDA Certified

The CinchSeal split design has been "Accepted" by the USDA's Meat; Poultry and Dairy departments


The CinchSeal design is unique in offering a simple; split assembly to allow instructed persons to easily remove, clean and replace. All housings are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel for the specialised industry's requiring a hygienic solution.

Reduced Maintenance

Using the highest quality materials available to manufacture seals. The durable and minimal to no maintenance design offers customers a product that will last for years that can be confidently serviced without the worries of tollerances being corrupted.

Seal Maintenance benefits

The CinchSeal unique design requires little to no maintenece in most applications and will run until failure. All CinchSeals are designed to be robust and can be expected to last several times longer than most other sealing solutions.

The Cinchseal design does contain some "Wearable" parts which should be changed out as part of a planned maintenance schedule. The wearable parts are available economically in readily available Service kits.

Users can expect:

  • Approximatly 30% lower energy consumption compared to gland packin
  • The Seal design can accommodate up to 6mm of shaft runout.
  • Zero damage / Wear to the rotating shaft
  • Elinination of product leaks

Eliminates Shaft damage

The Unique custom formulated silicone elastomer boot at the centre of all CinchSeal's is moulded to achieve an interferance fit against the rotating shaft. The elastomer boot and the PTFE rotor cups rotate with the shaft; which completely eliminates the possibility of shaft damage and wear - associated with other sealing systems. The CinchSeal system naturally accomodates linear shaft growth and axial runout without intervention.

Our Seals

The core piece of each CinchSeal shaft seal is the silicon elastomer, which is firmly placed around the shaft and rotates together with two PTFE rotor cups. These press against the housing and create a large and tight sealing surface, which withstands even the most abrasive products.

The patented self-adjusting technology of our seals eliminates leakages, even in case of fast changing temperature or pressure, and significantly reduces maintenance cost and downtime. Shaft wear is completely eliminated, as our seals can easily withstand shaft runout or movement, and heat development is reduced.

Due to the innovative split seal design, CinchSeal shaft seals are easy to install on existing machinery and equipment.



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